MAXIMAI Investment Partners ha sido nombrada entre las 11 mejores compañías de asesoría financiera en Miami y Coral Gables

MAXIMAI Investment Partners ha sido nombrada entre las 11 mejores compañías de asesoría financiera en Miami y Coral Gables por dos años seguidos. Gracias a todos nuestros socios y clientes en Argentina por hacer que nuestros logros sean posibles!

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Why Educational Programs for Clients’ Children and Grandchildren Are Win-Win

Learning initiatives can encourage younger generations to understand basic investing concepts and build adviser-client relationships

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March 9, 2017 9:30 a.m. ET

Elizabeth van Walleghem is chief executive and founder of Maximai Investment Partners in Coral Gables, Fla. Voices is an occasional feature of edited excerpts in which wealth managers address issues of interest to the advisory community. As told to Jacob Meade.

Elizabeth van Walleghem, chief executive and Founder of Maximai Investment Partners in Coral Gables, Fla. … We become more important to clients because they come to see us as a mentor and resource to their children. PHOTO: VERONICA AZPURUA

Around the time of the technology-stock bubble in the late 1990s and early 2000s, my firm started exploring ways to engage more deeply with clients. To cultivate conversation, one measure we introduced was educational seminars with clients’ children and grandchildren.

We have found the best way to run these seminars is to assemble a varied group from the practice and have each person cover a different topic. That variety tends to keep participants engaged. And while we also bring in guest speakers and discuss millennial generation trends, the seminars generally work best as a straightforward presentation of the basics of finance and investing. Learning simple concepts such as the difference between a stock and a bond can help participants in these age groups as they build a base of knowledge that will serve them later on.

Yet the impact of these seminars extends past the realm of finance education. While positioning enrollees for greater success and confidence with money as they move to adulthood, the knowledge they gain may also influence their academic or career pursuits. Some participants have gone on to become finance professionals based on their engagement with the program. As an added benefit to advisers, the programs can work as an initial step toward bringing on your own next generation of entry-level talent—at my firm we have been able to recruit several interns.

These seminars can also effect a profound change in your relationship with clients, because they illustrate how we care about more than just a standard quarterly discussion of portfolio performance. The conversation we initiate with clients’ kids and grandkids often continues after the seminar ends and establishes a stronger connection with the whole family unit. We become more important to clients because they come to see us as a mentor and resource to their children.

Finally, educational programs for children can yield surprising benefits to clients themselves. By instilling in young people a greater interest in personal finance, the seminars help open up a crucial conversation with their parents. Clients often struggle to communicate openly with their children about money, but these seminars offer a foundation for starting that dialogue. And more open communication about financial planning can help an entire family in the long run.

Dynasty Financial Partners Wins 2017 Award from Private Asset Management – Best Investment Platform: Client Service

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February 14, 2017

NEW YORK — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Dynasty Financial Partners is proud to announce that the firm has won the 2017 Private Asset Management Magazine Award for: Best Investment Platform: Client Service. Dynasty Financial Partners is an RIA integrated middle and back office platform for some of the leading financial advisors in the U.S.

The Private Asset Management Awards recognize high performing investment firms and wealth advisors operating within the private asset management industry. The PAM Awards are a much sought-after industry accolade, and Dynasty has now won six PAM Awards since 2012.

Dynasty received the Best Investment Platform: Client Service Award at the Private Asset Management Magazine Award ceremony on February 13th, 2017 in New York City.

“We are delighted to be recognized for our outstanding client service,” said Dynasty’s President and CEO Shirl Penney. “Dynasty has seen significant momentum since the launch of our Values Pillar initiative in 2016. Our clients have worked with us on designing our Pillar offering; our clients make us better every day so we always accept any industry recognition with them on behalf of our community.”

When an independent firm is powered by Dynasty, the advisors continue to own and operate their own business while having access to the scale, intellectual capital, practice management, proprietary desktop technology and an advisory community of a much larger firm and network.

Dynasty’s Core Values Pillars are provided to support each Network firm’s growth and include:

  1. Dynasty Community includes Dynasty’s Annual Summit, Regional Peer Events and Education Series.
  2. Dynasty Technology includes a proprietary advisor platform the Dynasty Desktop, custom-designed CRM, billing, financial planning; performance reporting, and Dynasty digital client solution including the Dynasty client portal and Dynasty iPhone App.
  3. Dynasty Finance includes P&L budgeting & capital sourcing, bookkeeping, mergers & acquisitions support, and succession planning and structuring.
  4. Dynasty Investments/Operations includes investment research and consulting, research center and analytical tools, Dynasty TAMP and Capital Markets/Investment Banking.
  5. Dynasty Marketing includes brand/marketing strategy, communications, client experience and digital marketing.
  6. Dynasty Compliance includes legal structure & governance, RIA Registration and Licensing, Dynasty Compliance Services and Network compliance support.
  7. Dynasty Practice Management includes business design & consulting, implementation & transition services, dedicated regional management and business operations.
Dynasty Financial Partners is a registered trademark of Dynasty Financial Partners LLC. Dynasty Financial Partners offers a platform of various products and services to support the business and operations of independent registered investment advisers. Services and products may be provided by independent companies that are unaffiliated with Dynasty. There is no form of legal partnership, agency, affiliation or similar relationship between these providers and Dynasty. The information contained herein is general in nature, is provided for informational purposes only and is not legal advice. Dynasty’s wholly owned subsidiary, Dynasty Wealth Management, LLC (“Dynasty”) is a registered investment advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission. DWM serves as a sub-advisor to Dynasty Strategist Portfolios (“the Portfolios”), however DWM does not directly manage client assets within the Portfolios. Any reference to the term “registered investment adviser” or “registered” does not imply that Dynasty or any person associated with Dynasty has achieved a certain level of skill or training.

According to Todd Thomson, Chairman, “The Dynasty Core Value Pillars are the framework we use to professionalize the Dynasty Network firms and ensure they will thrive, grow, and provide the industry’s leading support and services for their clients. It’s an honor to have our proactive RIA pillar service platform honored as the best in class in the industry.”

Dynasty Financial Partners has won the following PAM Awards since 2012:

  • 2012 – Best Newcomer Advisory Consulting
  • 2013 – Private Client Investment Platform – Innovation
  • 2014 – Private Client Investment Platform – Innovation
  • 2015 – Private Client Investment Platform – Innovation
  • 2016 – Best Outsourced CIO Solution

The PAM Awards: The PAM Awards (“PAMA”) are awarded annually by Private Asset Management, a financial services industry trade publication. PAMA invites firms to compete for awards in several categories by providing answers regarding their business model, services offered, growth in client count and assets managed, countries of operation, service innovation, and performance. In addition, PAMA permits firms to provide additional information of their choosing in support of their candidacy. A panel of independent industry experts selects the nominees and winners based on a number of qualitative and quantitative performance indicators. PAMA does not release statistics on the number of firms competing. Nomination or receipt of a PAMA is not necessarily indicative of any particular client’s experience or a guarantee that the firm will perform in the future as it did during the period evaluated by PAMA. They are sponsored by Private Asset Management magazine, a publication of Pageant Media.

About Dynasty Financial Partners

Dynasty Financial Partners develops, sources and integrates management capabilities for some of the industry’s leading independent investment advisor firms. Dynasty’s integrated platform services delivery chassis offers a customized, open-architecture wealth management solutions and technology platform supporting advisors as they protect and seek to grow their clients’ wealth. Dynasty’s core principle is “objectivity without compromise,” and the firm is committed to crafting solutions that allow investment advisors to act as true fiduciaries to their clients.

Merrill FA Breaks Away to Better Serve Global Clients

By Murray Coleman

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October 11, 2016

After 24 years at Merrill Lynch, advisor Elizabeth van Walleghem left last month to help open MAXIMAI Investment Partners. The independent RIA is based in Coral Gables, Fla. Joining her at the new firm is her longtime partner, Thomas (Jim) Butler and three ex-Merrill staffers. The team managed $550 million at the wirehouse.

Q: What was the main reason why you decided to leave Merrill?

A: Merrill had been a leader in the market for ultra high net worth global investors before the takeover by Bank of America. But in recent years we’ve seen a change in the environment at Merrill. They’ve been closing branches internationally and asking us to close accounts in different jurisdictions. And in foreign markets where they still have a presence, they’ve been raising account minimums. So it was making things very difficult for us to keep servicing families we’d been working with in some cases for more than two decades.

Q: How much of your client base is devoted to international clients?

A: At this point it’s about 80%. These are clients who have multiple footprints. Some live in Latin America and Europe but have business interests in the U.S. Others have adult children living here and others live in the U.S. but spend a lot of time overseas. When I joined Merrill Lynch in 1992 from the Bank of Tokyo, I brought a globally diversified book of business. So our team has always worked primarily with ultra high net worth clients who live all over the world.

Q: Did you feel like cross-selling and other non-wealth related issues contributed to your decision to go independent?

A: We decided that we wanted more control over our future. When you’re working for a large firm, decisions are made at a level that is well above any individual financial advisor. We felt a need to move away from the bank’s increasing focus on cross-selling its products. Our team wanted to devote all of its energies to wealth management and serving our clients in a more customized fashion.

Q: How are your clients reacting to the move?

A: We’re serving very entrepreneurial-minded people, so they understand the concept of being independent as opposed to being employees. They realize we’re now in a situation where we’ve got more freedom to look for better services and products to help them prosper in both their estate planning needs and business financing requirements. So we’ve always had a family office-type feel to our practice, but now we’re moving to an independent model where we see more opportunities to expand our role as fiduciaries.

Q: How so?

A: At the end of the day we want to offer clients more objective advice. We’re now going to be able to go to different lending institutions to help them negotiate the best deals. We also are going to have more freedom to expand our network of outside financial professionals. So if we have a family in France, for example, we can go find attorneys or accountants there who are experts in that country’s legal and financial system. At the bank if we had to go outside for specific expertise, it was under fairly restrictive guidelines.

Q: Doesn’t Merrill have a strong presence in the U.S. ultra high net worth market?

A: Yes, they do. But our business model is more global in focus. So the resources the bank was able to bring us didn’t carry as much weight with our particular client base. Merrill is a great institution but even for our domestic ultra high net worth families we felt like they would be better served working in a more objective and transparent environment in which their advisors aren’t tied to any one set of products or service menu.

Q: Has fee transparency improved under the independent model?

A: Yes, it’s greatly improved. Everything can be broken down for the client. There are no hidden fees and we’re able to better show the client exactly what they’re paying for and what we’re able to provide. In general, we’re going to make sure that our fees are going to be a little lower. At the same time, we feel like our clients are going to receive a lot more in terms of customized service no matter what fee schedule they follow.

Q: Do you think your compensation will improve?

A: Over time, being owners of our own business should prove beneficial. But our primary goal in making this move was to maintain our global connection to our client base. We are also putting a lot of time and capital into building a better client service model. So we’re planning to invest any incremental profits from owning our own firm back into making our service menu even stronger.

Q: Why did you decide to bring in an outside consultant to help with your move?

A: We were introduced to Dynasty Financial Partners by another financial advisor who we’ve watched go independent over several years and become very successful. So we came into this independent space with an understanding of the importance of tapping into the resources of a third-party business consultant. We selected Dynasty because they are very committed to working with global clients. So they’re helping us open doors with custodians. Along those lines, we’ve decided early in the process to use both Pershing and Fidelity.

Q: Does technology also present a major change at the new firm?

A: It is. A big attraction for our global clients is gaining mobile access to their accounts no matter where they are at any time. Being able to see multiple accounts from one window is also another major feature that we’re now able to offer that wasn’t available to our clients in the past. Dynasty has been a big driver behind our move to upgrade this practice’s technology. They’ve introduced us to software partners like Addepar and helped us deepen our relationship with Salesforce.

Lisa van Walleghem y Jim Butler III lanzan MAXIMAI Investment Partners asociándose a Dynasty Financial Partners

12:10 | 13/09/2016

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Elizabeth (Lisa) van Walleghem y Thomas J. (Jim) Butler III, dos prestigiosos asesores financieros globales que gestionaban 550 millones de dólares en activos de clientes, han anunciado esta mañana que dejan Merrill Lynch y lanzan la nueva firma MAXIMAI Investment Partners, asociándose con Dynasty Financial Partners.

Con sede en Coral Gables, Florida, la nueva firma de asesoría de inversión independiente estará especializada en atender a grandes patrimonios –o UHNW- de familias o empresarios de todo el mundo.

Además de Butler y Van Walleghem, Alejandro Behrens, Daniella Viete, y Ana Bueso se incorporan a la firma, también desde Merrill Lynch Miami Latam Complex.
El equipo de la nueva firma, que ofrece servicios deconcierge a empresarios y familias con intereses financieros internacionales y cuenta con un profundo conocimiento de la perspectiva empresarial y experiencia en América Latina, es multigeneracional, multilingüe y global como sus clientes.

“Una de las principales razones por las que hemos decidido poner en marcha MAXIMAI es nuestro deseo de construir relaciones más sólidas con nuestros clientes, sus familias y sus comunidades al ofrecer un asesoramiento objetivo y transparente sin estar limitados por la estructura de un único modelo empresarial”, declara Van Walleghem.

“Teniendo en cuenta el ritmo de cambio en los mercados mundiales, debemos mantener la agilidad necesaria para identificar novedades, aprovechar oportunidades atractivas en cualquier lugar del mundo y ofrecer soluciones de vanguardia mientras salvaguardamos los activos de los clientes. La independencia nos permite hacer todo esto y mucho más” añade Butler.

“Lisa, Jim y su equipo tienen una trayectoria muy sólida en las relaciones con instituciones y familias de América Latina, Europa y resto del mundo en una amplia gama de delicados temas financieros. Ahora, como firma independiente de asesoramiento financiero, están preparados para triunfar en el futuro construyendo su negocio. En Dynasty, estamos encantados de asociarnos con MAXIMAI para la expansión de nuestro negocio latinoamericano e internacional”, declara por su parte Shirl Penney, presidente y CEO Dynasty.

“Una característica que distingue el segmento de gestión de patrimonio independiente es la capacidad de elegir plataformas y proveedores que satisfagan de forma única las necesidades del cliente, lo que es especialmente relevante para los clientes globales”, añade Javier Rivero, SVP y responsable de la División Internacional de Dynasty. “MAXIMAI reconoce que el modelo independiente es el futuro para los asesores que trabajan con clientes globales que requieren una plataforma verdaderamente abierta y los felicitamos por su decisión.